Part Four: You, Steve & Emma; a business-hub

“If at first an idea isn’t absurd, there is no hope for it.”

— Albert Einstein


Our mission is simple: We want ‘everyone’ to build their platform on their own terms. To enable people to do their own thinking independently, and to help them build a platform that lasts for generations to come, complemented by a brand created to inspire.

Therefore we took the liberty of developing: The Evolutionary macro marketing approach, more commonly pronounced as; Emma. Instead of discussing the many things Emma can do, we think it’s far more interesting what kind of world, more specifically; what kind of future, Emma, represents.

This is for those who envision a world with more excitement, innovation and daring ideas. Those who want to find inspiration, bring progress and embody ingenuity. Those who are willing to defy the odds — To help original thinkers do their own thinking independently.

Emma shifts power from the middle-man onto the artist; you.

Do more, with less

In the year 2001 Steve Jobs firstly envisioned the digital-hub; the effective centre of an activity, or network. He was the first to envision a world in which one device could co-relate, connect and synchronise with a variety of different other devices (like music-players, video-camera’s and photo-apparatus).

This not only enabled people to control every aspect of their digital-lifestyle, but also enabled them to be independent of timing (you can start right away), third entities (all the companies that offer “good enough” solutions), external influences (decisions made by other people).. and expenses (the money they choose to invest).

Inspiration works contagious — Why not do for business what Steve Jobs did for our digital-lifestyle? What if we could create a business-hub? One design that connects, co-relates and synchronises with all other disciplines of business. Or as Steve would most likely put it: “To help people be the chess-player, instead of the chess-piece” (this, is a quote by Ralph Carell).

We believe a brand to be the soul of a company. The design of a brand influences all other aspects: It’s the founding vision of your company that brings everything else together.

In our wildest dreams, we even dare to envision a future, in which everyone, can both access and implement their brand whenever it suits them, Emma, is just the beginning of a dream.

Emma not only enables people to control every aspect of their brand, but also enables them to be independent of timing (you should start right away), third entities (like digital-agencies, marketing-organisations, or other “experts”), external influences (decisions made by posing the wrong questions), and expenses (the resources they choose to invest).

Emma creates a perspective in which marketing (everything a company does to sell a product)… product-development (the expression of founding values), corporate-culture (the expression of founding principles) and branding (the embodiment of a founding vision) are re-defined, and closely related.

What if there would be an application that would help you simplify, unify and expand your brand; your founding vision? We dare to dream. You?

For now; we designed Emma to help you build your platform on your own terms (thereby enabling you to realise your dreams).

Be free; connect to Emma.

4 pillars of wisdom

Emma’s design is primarily based on simplicity in the form of 4 pillars of wisdom who’s sole purpose is to prevent danger, provide protection and solve (un)expected problems that occur even in the world of Emma.

4 pillars of wisdom

Pillar I:

Build your brand for others (share your cause to inspire people).

Pillar II:

Find the right employees, investors and consumers (make the tipping-point tip).

Pillar III:

Simplify your branding to experience “peace of mind” (prevent the split from happening).

Pillar IV:

Embody clarity, consistency and effectivity (streamline & scale-up your company).

The more we improve on these 4 pillars of wisdom, the more our brand and company will strengthen; the greater our changes on innovation and stability will be.

If we keep striving to improve perception, and if we dare to outcompete ourselves; innovation takes place consciously, seemingly without effort.

The grand design

Corporate-culture, branding, marketing. It seems to be all about manipulation, and short-term, personal gain. Why does a clean conscience and clear constitution even matter in today’s world?

In following this line of reasoning, two other questions to ponder about, might be:

Why even bother trying to put a dent into the universe at all? And, what is the point of basing morality on making money and adding value to society?

It’s not about where the ball is. It’s about where the ball is going to be. Despite our reality being more and more about short-term gain and success we strive for quite the opposite of today’s common perception.

In fact – call us naive – but we believe in a world in which everyone – including you and us – can build their platform (their company) on their own terms.

A world in which people implement their brand whenever it suits them (no need anymore to wait for an investment first), use their resources more wisely (make focussed investments only), are independent of outside influences (synchronise their brand with all other disciplines of business)… aim for long-term stability (first build a stable foundation) and create enhanced products and services (experience peace of mind).


Emma is a business-hub that allows anyone in possession of exciting ideas to start building a platform that lasts for decades to come, complemented by a brand created to inspire — In only 4 full (work) days.

Order: “Rules” if you’d like to get to know more about Emma.

We admire those who defy the odds by following their passion. That’s why we set Emma’s pricing on: € 3.630,- (Order: “Rules”) — To help you defy the odds.

It’s our aim to put a dent into the universe. Therefore, we designed Emma to simplify (and unify) your marketing, product-development, corporate-culture and branding.

It’s our hope that Emma will enable everyone in the world to build their platform (our definition of a company; a platform from which you communicate your message to the world) on their own terms.

When we would start posing the “right” questions; the grand design will slowly start to reveal itself:

Emma’s world, will be a better world.

Before we part ways: If rebellious equals being yourself (a normal state of being). Would, consequently, being a rebel be equal to being normal?

Be **** | **** Like A Rebel

Be bold everyday: Mail us at

Order: “Art” (or any of our other documents) and find out how Emma’s world, will be a better world.

Thank you.

Part Three: On the middle-man, artist & consumer; the benefits

Why shift power from the middle-man onto the artist?

We envision a future in which artist, middle-man and consumer all have their own framework, a personal structure that enables them to experience “creative freedom” (an independent environment), the emergence of trust (inspired loyalty) and the ability to innovate (develop structural solutions), based on a mutually shared vision (a fit by design), stability, that allows them to remove their own spare-tires.

The middle-man is anyone who stands in-between the artist and the consumer. When we would shift power from the middle-man onto the artist – in as many fields possible – we would be able to bring more excitement, innovation and daring ideas into the world.

Today, the middle-man is mainly focussed on making as much short-term profit, gain, as possible. Resulting in short-term solutions, vulnerability for outside influences, and a lack of inspired loyalty; the build-up of trust needed to make the tipping-point tip (and reach mass-market penetration). 

For the consumer this only results in “good enough” solutions instead of “great” ones. For the artist this results in a lack of incentive to push-boundaries (they know their ideas/creations won’t get published, or put on display, otherwise). For the middle-man this results in a lack of stability (inspired loyalty), and a shortage of “peace of mind” (needed for development and growth).

Wherein the artist needs a framework to push-boundaries, the middle-man needs a framework to develop solutions that “fit by design” (are connected to both yours, and their vision), so they too, can inspire loyalty and are able to push-boundaries. The consumer needs a framework to find courage, boldness needed to develop one-self.

Without a framework there will be only imbalance, and no real “creative freedom,” something both consumer and employee, eventually, always have to pay the price for. They are the so called; “collateral damage” of today’s day and age.

This, to us, is unacceptable.

Shifting power would make the artist, middle-man and consumer independent of outside influences (Recession – Scandals – Competition & Success) by a way of empowering each other through the development of structural solutions, from which we all profit, in various ways.

For those who aim to make as much profit as possible, ask yourself this: Haven’t innovations, structural outcomes, changes and solutions, not always been the most profitable? And what is profit really worth, when based on an unstable foundation, ‘vulnerable’ for an ever changing world?

To shift power from the middle-man onto the artist will result in a future in which we all find more inspiration, bring more progress, and embody more ingenuity — A future filled with excitement, innovation and daring ideas. We all are, at times, the ‘middle-man’, but we are always the artist.

Remember this: 

If everyone is independent of outside influences/builds their company – their platform – on their own terms: There can not be a recession. Loyalty – even in today’s day and age – is the key to unlocking the potential of a better future: A shared vision leads to a better world for all of us.

Thank you.

Order: An opening statement: M – Or an exemplary edition: Emma on Bellamylife.

Part Two: A tale in defence of humans; on necessity, heroes & boldness

This is the age of…

There are some things that annoy us, and probably always will, about life, the world, and human-beings in particular… and the best way to get these “annoyances” out of our system, is to share them with someone like you.

We get annoyed by the decrease of humanity. The seeming lack of compassion, empathy, and solidarity (you know… “basic human qualities”) among people in countries all over the world.

You could say we get irritated, at times, by a growing lack of being human. And maybe it’s none of our business, but since when has “not caring” become a constructive way of living? This is, of course, a rhetorical question; we already know the answer.

We also get annoyed by the lack of artistry in our industries; the lack of love and the lack of purpose. There is a giant decrease in personal fulfilment, and so, eustress (positive stress), crucial for structural development, and growth.

Fulfilment comes from doing work according to ones talents, the very things you’re good at, the things you feel passionate about, all things exciting, and from a feeling of belonging…

Of being part of something outside ourselves.

We believe there is a lack of things to belief in, and a shortage of things we get inspired by. A shortage of things we can trust.. tell others about, and feel proud of doing so — To us, this could well be the age of… doing bold things?

The sooner we realise there are no rules, just self-set limitations, the better our talents can develop. Keep this in mind: When the majority of people doubts you or doesn’t believe in you — Study harder. Work smarter. Train limitless.

Remind yourself each day that when you’re right, you’re right. When parts fit, they fit… be bold and make history. Anything is possible, and no person, nor organisation, nor generation, is all good; nor all bad. Live in a world in which all boundaries are conventions.

Push. Feel. Dare. Live. Love. Move.

Find your focus and live like only rebels do — Be bold everyday.

We won’t get fooled again?

Who are we? What kind of generation do we want to be?

We don’t mean generations as in the traditional sense, we don’t mean generation as in; millennials, baby-boomers or other fond ways to describe those things that are so easily misunderstood.

Yes, we could discuss generation: X, Y, Z… but we don’t seem to be able to relate to any of them, we wonder if those who are described, do either.

Bear with us, but what if generations wouldn’t be age-bound?

No stigma’s. No boundaries. No pigeon-holing anyone. What if we would define generations anew? Turning generations into a group of people who share the same, or a similar framework of vision, values and principles: VVP.

This would mean that multiple generations would live together, next to each other, at the same time or different times, possibly always. Those born, and unborn could now be part of the same generation; allowing individual people and groups of people to use their VVP to help and inspire each other.

In a perfect world this would mean that everyone would be enabled to find their passion, develop it, and simply live life doing and pursuing the things they love. All influencing each other not by force, but by example.

Let’s rephrase the future: We could use our VVP as a framework for “free creation.” The creating of daring ideas that leads to the structural development of each individual, each group, and, inevitably… the world as a whole (Personal development: Group development: World development).

Defining generations differently will reverse the things we don’t like, into things we do like. The reason we don’t like to be generalised is because it puts a hold to our personal development, the development and survival of our species, and the world. It limits both freedom and the expression of this freedom – defined as all forms of creativity – in all its colourful, infinite ways.

Generation VVP (we hope the naming to be more effective then it is elegant) is, or at least has, the potential to be infinite, which is fitting to our time. What we would ask you to do, is to be you. The easiest thing to be might be being special. To us.. either we all are, or no-one is. The choice is yours.

Of course we would like to be part of a generation of excitement, innovation, daring ideas, inspiration, progress and ingenuity. A generation that chooses to defy the odds.

We would like to be part of a generation that decides to experience freedom through acts of boldness; artistry. Could we be part of a generation of humans?

To us, it doesn’t matter when you where born, you won’t be judged based on the day of your birth. And, for as long as we should “judge” each-other, we think it should be based on our actions, vision, values, principles, development and the things we (attempt to) create. We believe each story matters.

We don’t want to extinct generations. But maybe it’s better for all of us if we could all just be different ones.

After all, we are in this together… not alone.

On heroes

Ghandi (a wise man) once said: “There is enough in the world for anybody’s need, but not enough for anybody’s greed.” Now, we don’t want to sound all high and mighty, but isn’t the difference between need or greed, a choice?

Wouldn’t it be possible to just be a generation of… democracy, equality, equity, freedom, justice and innovation. A generation that tries to address causes instead of (just) symptoms (which only become more). It’s not a strange thing to say that our decisions always reveal who we truly are.

We don’t want to be a generation of greed, and, in terms of legacy or remembrance (of importance?) wouldn’t it be nice to be remembered as someone who tried to do the right thing everyday, and who quickly realised that doing the right thing is not really a choice one has to make.

One that, as a result refuses to budge, and accepts that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. It’s not taught in schools or in business, that excellence is not a linear process – and to reach it, quitting is not optional.

Everything is possible when you find a way to say; “yes.” When you find a way to step outside your comfort-zone and meet new people and encounter new situations. Innovation happens when you say; “yes,” then figure out a way.

Athletes often say they don’t rise to the level of their expectations, but fall to the level of their training. Isn’t genius just the same? To persist and be determined to get it wrong, until you get it right? Isn’t genius just about seeing things your own way; don’t different questions lead to different answers?

Why can’t we all be focussed, disciplined and committed to our “cause?” To do the things that inspire us, excite us, and we love doing. To find artistry in every act? Why can’t we just be…

A generation that is focused on discovering not just why, but why? One that realises that less has always been more, and perfection, as the old adage goes, is not when there no more to add, but no more to take away.

A group of kindred spirits that tries to put a smile on people’s faces by helping and inspiring them to make their own connections, to do their own thinking independently; to create and be free, and to only be different when it’s more fun and more effective. One that is aware that to be free is to be bold everyday.

We mentioned it before, but we are in this together; we’ve always been in this together. We are all human. We are all both selfish and selfless. And/and, not and/or.

We all want to believe in something and we all want to win. Though, the question we should be asking ourselves is:

What does “winning” mean?

Have you ever wondered what percentage of people would like their kids to grow-up in a safe, stable, healthy, comfortable and peaceful environment? If you asked people, it would probably be something about 90% or more…

Why then, do we always seem to tend towards war?

The truth is we can only master ourselves. Maybe in a world that seems to be corrupted, at times (we believe there is always far more good, then bad), we should attempt to be our own role-models; our own example to follow. It might just be the case that in a world without heroes: You should be your own hero.

Join us

Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio claims that we need to have a feeling about our thoughts for us to be able to make any kind of decision. To help you develop a ‘feeling’ about the things we say and do, we added Join us to the mix.

Each project is build-up mostly the same way. It all starts with an opening statement (the message) accompanied by four blog-posts for each (new) project.

For each project there is an exemplary edition of the product or idea available, including a document named “Rules,” in which the process of each project is explained — To order just send an e-mail to:

Current documents available, are:

M; opening statement: We don’t give a **** (because we care).
Emma I; exemplary product: It’s not about why, but why?
Rules; the process of Emma explained: What to expect from us?
The Wall; “Freedom book”: What would you put on your wall?
Art; the artistic behaviours of Bellamylife: Why not, right?

To know more about Bellamylife’s current and future projects, to inquire about other documents, or inquiries in general:

Keep in mind: To join us you don’t need to sign in or pay a membership fee; just inquire.

We could ask you why you believe to be an OT yourself, this is not because we want you to proof yourself – or your organisation – to us, it’s about trying to help you become more aware about the fact that you actually are an OT.

Ghandi once stated that: “The purpose of our lives is to find our purpose.” We always develop ourselves, we would just develop a lot quicker, if we know the direction we are going in. The development of your vision, values and principles takes a process of trial and error… persistence, and above all; patience; it could take a life-time😉 

We understand that building a platform, a company, organisation or brand is about caring for people, products, and in many cases it’s about survival.

You constantly find yourself on the crossroad of quality and impatience. Inspiring people might not be on your agenda.. today, but it’s the key ingredient for freedom and independence, both as a person and as an organisation.

The interaction between your platform (in whatever shape you imagine) and people is the key to human evolution. It’s all about people, caring and giving. It’s the “invisible” things that bind us forever: Let us help you make your mark.

This is the age of…

We all need dreams to be willing to do bold things. We all need to feel trusted by others to dare to be bold. Could you tell us, please, is it bold not to do anything at the cost of other human beings? Not to be single-minded? To aim for great things?

We don’t know where ideas originate from… the form and shape they had yesterday and which direction they go tomorrow; maybe it is not for us to decide where we come from, but it is for us to decide which way to go from here.

At the end of the day… the truth is we don’t know what age this is going to be. The truth is we don’t know a lot of things… but maybe we can look back someday, and tell people that we just tried to do the right thing. Because we believed we could.

Maybe we can tell them that we understood that freedom happens in the mind first… and tell them stories that all end similar to this — We changed the world, deal with it.

The choice is ours.

Would you like to Join us?

Part One: The revolution of thinking & business; Emma

On creativity, innovation & rebellious acts.

It’s not our goal to disrupt reality. But rather to bring harmony; find balance, in every situation we encounter. We simply try to connect those things which don’t seem to be connected; in performing rebellious acts… we innovate.

We know how to struggle with grace while getting out on top. We know how to deal with odds being stacked against us. We trust creativity to help us thrive, and we let it remind us that there is always another way.

To us, life is a challenge every day. We care for each other, and we form a team when it most matters. We defy the odds not by force, but by example. Make no mistake… we don’t gamble, we push boundaries.

We go through life with open eyes and an open mind. We accept that less is more… structural is valuable, loyalty is priceless and independence is golden; to have a free mind is to be free.

This is Bellamylife.

On shifting power

We want you to live in a world with more excitement, innovation and daring ideas. A world in which we can (all) find inspiration, bring progress and embody ingenuity. So there can be no doubt: We want everyone to be free.

One of our ambitions is to live in a world in which ‘everyone’ is enabled to continuously defy the odds by simply following their passion; to empower individuals and organisations to live their lives by design instead of by default.

Shifting power from the middle-man onto the artist is one of the ways to bring our “cause” to life, Emma, our approach, is simply one of our ways to shift power onto you.

If you are anything like us – the kind of person who likes to be free in action, word and choice – then we believe the following will definitely appeal to you.

On envisioning vision

This is about our product, an approach named; Emma. This is about individuals with dreams & organisations with ambition.

This is about finding a way to say; “yes.”

This is about improving on freedom.

I: On innovation

Think of a world around you as a stable environment that keeps adding structural value to society; a society in which ‘everyone’ brings lasting progress (innovation, development) by default.

II: On independence

Think of a world in which you attract loyalty to be independent of outside influences: Recession – Scandals – Competition & Success by living-up to your own cause: Your vision.

This is a battle for doing business, living life, differently.

III: On “pushing-boundaries”

Think of your platform (for instance; your company, regardless, surprise us) purposely designed – and build – to last and inspire.

When you ask yourself: Could we be part of a better world? One world? Then consider a future in which it is ‘mandatory’ to help each other become more independent; liberated.

To live life in pursuit of “pushing-boundaries.”

IV: On freedom

Think of a life completely on your own terms: Great/Good. Design/Default.

This choice is ours to make.

We ask nothing more then pure and simple; freedom…

“to be surrounded by acts of boldness; to stand in amazement over daring ideas, ‘popping-up’ everywhere we look.”

To us the math is fairly simple: For us to be free is for you to be free. Following this line of reasoning — For you to be free is for ‘everyone’ to be free.

Helping millions? Not hubris; perception.

Freedom is for all of us.

On the artist of life

To have a free mind is to be free. That’s why we designed Emma to be to the point, simplistic and… a little bit crazy. Emma is the approach to develop your many passions in life.

Try out the following maxims:

To become the swan is to be the swan (use your imagination).

Fortune, favours the bold😉

“You have comfort. You don’t have luxury. And don’t tell me that money plays a part. The luxury I advocate has nothing to do with money. It cannot be bought. It is the reward of those who have no fear of discomfort.”

— Jaques Cousteau

“All courses of action are risky, so prudence is not in avoiding danger (it’s impossible), but calculating risk and acting decisively. Make mistakes out of ambition and not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer.”

— Niccolo Machiavelli

“It is fatal to know too much of the outcome: Boredom comes as quickly to the traveler who knows his route as to the novelist who is over-certain of his plot.”

— Paul Theroux

Thank you.

Order: an opening statement: M – Or an exemplary edition: Emma on Bellamylife.


Bold. The series: Why we chose this “conforming” design?

The most basic (elementary) design is the most implicit way of conforming to society. The manner is so more-basic-then-basic that almost no-one uses this design anymore.

This constitutes, to us, that if we would use this particular design as our design, it could be seen as ‘the same’ from afar, though different in all respects when looked-upon from nearby.

It is because the design is a standardised design; normal, that it is not often used. Regardless of all this, people’s perception of it hasn’t changed: People can understand it.

From up-close, however, the design is different.

This is Bellamylife, the website.

Construct for defying the common; in praise of the uncommon => “Home” (a world of… Privacy: Liberty: Freedom). 

Some maxims?

Doing the impossible continuously is as easy as believing it can be done — True simplicity requires ruthlessness; no mercy.

From this moment onward; banish your fear.

“You can not control anything in life besides action. 

Not its outcome, nor its moment; only the act itself.”

Get inspired by words — “Let them speak.”

Live like only rebels do.

Be you.